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Technorati Milestone Achieved

John’s SEO blog has finally been accepted into Technorati’s main Tag directory. Imagine John H. Gohde‘s surprise upon discovering that his tag page on Technorati was full of his posts no sooner than he had knocked Technorati in a recent post of his.


Thus, John H. Gohde has to correct the record from what he stated in hisTechnorati has become Google Junior post. His john-h-gohde tag page is now full of his posts while his Technorati authority level is at an all time low. After giving up all hope of being recognized by Technorati, he is now inexplicably in. His old posts are now showing up in Technorati’s main Tag directory. In time, Technorati might just end up giving John’s blog a much needed boost in the link department.

Why this has happened to John, is an unknown. It could have happened for a number of different reasons.

Whatever happened appears to have taken place extremely recently. John changed the name of his previous post. Technorati is listing the new name of the post, which would indicate that a new crawl took place after that post had been first published. So, does Technorati update its post entries? It is hard to tell, but it appears not. John found some of his old posts from a free WordPress blog that had gone private still being listed in Technorati along with a very old thumbnail. And, he found posts from a third party that produce server errors still being listed in Technorati.

John H. Gohde had observed over a year ago that his free WordPress blogs got a major boost in the SERPs from tag pages. A tag page from WordPress has consistently shown up in the SERPS in the top ten for a number of different keywords. Unfortunately, WordPress beat out Technorati and basically put Technorati’s blog tags in the supplemental index due to duplicate content issues.

Technorati Tag Pages Should Give a Boost

John’s paid SEO blog does not show up in the tag pages. So, he reasons that his SEO Blog page should be able to receive a similar boost from Technorati in the SERPs. The problem had been, up until now, that Technorati steadfastly refused to list his posts in their main Tag directory.

John H. Gohde, thanks to Google Webmaster Tools, has observed that a few of his SEO blog posts that have managed to stick have in fact received a boost from a Technorati temporary feed link. Why that managed to have worked in Google is totally beyond him. But, within a month or two John thus has good reason to believe that his new posts should be receiving a more permanent boost in the SERPS from Technorati’s main Tag directory links. And, it brings up the SEO possibilities of being able to manipulate certain SERPs by better targeting of specific Technorati tags. If it worked with WordPress Tags then it should reasonably be expected to work with Technorati tag pages, provided that there is no major duplication of content.

John says: In the end, it is always better to be in Technorati looking out, then trying to look in from the outside.





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