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Dumping on WordPress 2.7 is Easy

So much has been written about WordPress version 2.7 that John H. Gohde might as well get in on the act. John loves to knock WordPress. And, version 2.7 has so many things wrong with it that writing this post will be pretty easy. John asks: What were the developers thinking?


WordPress Still Amateurishly Fooling Around with the GUI

John H. Gohde is still asking:

What substantive changes were made to WordPress in version 2.7?

The endless chatter of comments about the latest WordPress release have only been about the totally unnecessary changes being made to the GUI by developers who apparently are totally incapable of making up their minds about anything. Surely something actually important was done in 2.7, such as an improved plugin editor?

John has not upgraded, yet. Might not ever upgrade. Certainly wont do it before the next revision to 2.7. But, he has a few Free WordPress blogs which have automatically been upgraded to 2.7. So, he is in a position to dump upon WordPress without having to trash his SEO blog.

Moving the menu from the top of the page to the left margin was totally uncalled for. Absolutely nothing was wrong with the menu being on top. But, by stumbling upon a certain arrow that if you click upon, shrinks the menu text down to just a narrow column of icons. That makes the menu doable. When the menu is in the wide mode, it is a pain in the butt to use. Still, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the way the menus were organized on top before. There appears to be a mouse move-over goof on the Comment icon. When the mouse is moved over the Comment Icon, absolutely nothing is displayed. That is either a bug, or a just plain stupid design.


What Ever Happened to Presentation?

Changing the label from Design to Appearance was so revolutionary: Not! What was it called before Design? Could it have been Presentation, if I am not mistaken? The facts are beyond dispute. Three different name changes within the space of only a few months. That positively is what is called mentally unstable behavior totally devoid of long range planning. Which of the three names was better? I would say Design, simply because it is shorter in length. Ergo calling it Appearance was definitely a step backwards. Heck, as far as I am concerned you could have called it Goop. Or, even used an Icon and called it nothing at all. Hey WordPress developers, I don’t care what you call it. It is just about time that you goof balls finally figured out what you are going to call it in WordPress, and stick to it for more than one year.

Gee, I guess Manage was too big a concept for the typical WordPress blogger to grasp? Better to be stupid with a longer menu that breaks everything down by the object being managed: Posts, Media, Links, Pages, etc. That way you can change it completely around again in a few months. Ooooh, I know. The WordPress developers needed an excuse to degrade the value of pages by placing both Media and Links above them in their scale of perceived popularity.

The really big goof in version 2.7 is where are those very easy to see bold red numbers that appeared across the top of the screen in version 2.6? You know, the number of comments needing moderation. And, the number of plugins needed to be updated which were clearly visible in all the admin screens. Oops! That improvement was achieved by the admin-menus plugin. Just goes to show you that the plugin developers will always be ahead of the curve, while the WordPress developers remain hopelessly confused.


Still Too Easy To Delete & Publish

The next thing wrong with it, is that the objects that 2.7 allows John to move around are really quit meaningless. The stuff that needs to be moved, WordPress still is not allowing him to move them. John would like to know which developer idiot moved the delete button from the bottom of the page, to next to the save button? John H. Gohde wants the delete button back on the bottom of the page, where posts and pages cannot be accidentally deleted. That especially goes for the published button. Having the published button anywhere near the save button is asking for trouble. Bloggers got one and only one chance to get their post pinged over the planet Earth. A premature publishing is all too easy in versions 2.6 and 2.7.


Better luck next time WordPress

Why in the world did the WordPress developers move the word count? What was wrong with the prior word count location? Absolutely nothing! Guess what? WordPress wont let John move the word count back to where it belongs? Why not WordPress? So much for your WordPress revolution. Better luck next time. Perhaps, if WordPress got a few planners who actually knew what they were doing?





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