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Giving Up On The Visual Editor

Being quite comfortable writing HTML code, John H. Gohde has finally given up on trying to use the Visual Editor. Seems like he has been constantly switching back and forth between the Visual and HTML tabs. And, there are actually a few WordPress editing features that only work with the Visual Editor disabled. Furthermore, using the WordPress Visual Editor can literally destroy some types of HTML coding.

John H. Gohde has had it with the WYSIWYG Visual Editor in WordPress!

Being basically lazy, John has been reluctant to enter markup coding directly because typing all those special HTML markup coding tags can be quite time consuming. WordPress, however, does provide you with an HTML editor that is handy to use. The only problem with it is that it is rather incomplete. The AddQuicktag plugin solves this problem.


Introducing the AddQuicktag Plugin

The AddQuicktag plugin was developed by a German author, so the main support page is not written in English. The corresponding WordPress English description of this plugin is rather sparse, but in brief this plugin allows you to easily add markup coding buttons to the HTML editor.

You can add different types of buttons.

After writing a few posts, you will have added all the buttons that you will ever need to knock out most of your posts. Everyone can increase their productivity by dropping the Visual Editor. Do not let WordPress get in your way of creating what you really want to see in your posts.





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