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Always Keyword Stuff Intelligently

There is an interesting post written by a beginner SEO who brought up the case of somebody being banned from Google for stuffing hundreds of keywords in a tiny text box. That practice does not work on a number of different levels.

This is as good a topic to post on as any. It was a tiny post, by JLH. It is an old post, but it brings up an interesting point which of course JLH totally failed to have grasped. :(

I occasionally come across webpages that are obviously stuffing seemingly hundreds of keywords onto the text. That practice is an oxymoron. Because if the practice is ineffective with visible text, it most certainly wont work if the text is seemly invisible. And, what intelligent SEO would risk being ban from Google for doing something that wouldn’t have worked to begin with? That would be just plain dumb many times over.

Whether or not Google can detect tiny text boxes as a means of lamely hiding text on a webpage is totally besides the point.

The issue here is that each webpage should be targeting no more than a handful of keywords. Why? Because the very act of adding different words to a webpage, whether visible or hidden, keyword or real text, obvioulsy increases the word count and would thereby decrease the keyword density of each of your keywords. Which would obviously be counter productive as an search engine optimization effort.

To increase the SEO of any webpage the keyword density of a webpage has to increase. That means repeating the same couple of keywords over and over again. But, adding hundreds of different words to a webpage, whether visible or invisible, would only decrease the keyword density of each of your keywords close to zero.





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