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The Correct Name is Skin

When it comes to WordPress, only one opinion counts: Their Opinion. Reading the information available on WordPress’s Dashboard the uniformity of acceptable opinion is rather sickening and is reminiscent of Cuba.

The clear message from WordPress is: Upgrade now. Sorry WordPress, but John H. Gohde likes his current installed version just the way it is.

No reported problems: But, if you were brave enough to report a problem then there is obviously something wrong with you. Your comment wont be posted. And, you will receive an email from them informing you of your attitude problem. And, how you can be brainwashed into thinking their group-speak.

Sorry, but John H. Gohde has been using his currently installed version only a few months. He rather likes it. Everything is where it should be. Everything currently is workable. And, all it took was one plugin (admin-menus). And, asks: Why is there such a rush to upgrade?


The Correct Name is Skin

John recently came across an interesting post on the historical different looks of WordPress. Now John knows exactly what WordPress has been calling their Skin over the ages.

First, WordPress called it Template, then Templates, followed by Presentation, Design, and now Appearance. Sorry to inform you WordPress, but the correct name is Skin.

WordPress’ History of Using the Wrong Name

John H. Gohde is NOT a paid consultant. John is NOT a Web designer or developer. But, he is correct. WordPress is wrong. And, has been wrong for a very long time. And, joyfully continues to be wrong. But, nowhere will you ever see John’s opinion mentioned anywhere by WordPress. The credit for defining the correct name for the concept of an interchangeable webpage layout as Skin goes to Wiki software which has been promoted by Wikipedia. Don’t you think WordPress that it is about time that you started using the correct name?





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