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Now What! The Google 403 Forbidden Error

Google has got to be the most troublesome search engine invented by man! It throws more road blocks into the way of webmasters, than any other search engine bar none. Search too many times on Google, and Google will block your access to them entirely.

John H. Gohde has been experiencing search problems with Google for a very long time.


You Search Like A Bot

While you could sympathize with Google’s plight of having to deal with automated software searches, how can any human being guilty of occasionally doing searches be accused of being a bot? That is especially true, when the vast majority of those searches were necessitated by Google treating their Web sites like toast, to begin with. A webmaster, after all has got to try to figure out what in the world Google is trying to do to them. John is of the opinion that search engines exist to be used as search engines.

Every Google search costs Google money. Apparently, Google keeps tabs on how many searches everyone is making. And, if you are making too many searches they will then try to block your access to them, entirely with a 403 Forbidden access error.


Yet, More Google Problems

John H. Gohde recently started experiencing problems with his FireFox Web browser. At first, John noticed that double listings were no longer showing up in FireFox. He deleted his installed copy and then downloaded a fresh copy. But, that did not solve John’s FireFox double listing problems. Next, he deleted and then reinstalled the Google Toolbar.

The double listing problem was solved and soon forgotten entirely, as an even bigger problem appeared. Every time a Google search was made, a single Zero appeared for the entire webpage. John soon figured out that the Google Toolbar was causing the problem. So, he uninstalled the official Google Toolbar completely. And, then installed the unofficial Google Lite search plugin. Plus, John started searching with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Both approaches, allowed Google searches to work once again. But, after a few days. The same single Zero started appearing for the entire webpage in FireFox, once again. While Internet Explorer started reporting a 403 Forbidden Error.

The fact that Google search problems were happening to him in both FireFox and Internet Explorer lead John to believe that it must be because of a 403 error block being enforced by Google.


Solution to the Google 403 Forbidden Error

John located a solution to his problems. Apparently, Google is allowing him access to a Google Forbidden Error solution. Clicking on this hyperlink is necessary as it generates a very big text code. And, it actually provides a very rare functioning email address to Google. So, as instructed, John sent Google an email.

This is entirely a totally unnecessary problem being created by Google which John H. Gohde really does not want to have to deal with at all. In the mean time, John is removing Google as his home page. Is removing all Google searches from his FireFox Web browser. And plans on searching with any search engine other than Google for the next several weeks.

UPDATE to The Google 403 Forbidden Error

A visitor recently made a suggestion that might actually work for you. The first step that you should take to fix this problem is to delete all the cookies from your computer. I would, also, delete all your Internet history and temporary files. If you do not know how to do that, then try deleting all your cookies and Internet history by running Microsoft’s Disk Cleanup utility that is supposed to delete all the junk files off your computer.

Potentially, deleting the right cookies might conceivably unblock any Web site that appears to have blocked you in a Web browser, if only temporarily.





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