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This SEO Blog has a New Look

This blog started out using the IsulongSEOPH theme. Some major modifications were made to it, as well as a lot of CSS / style sheet debugging was done. The unique look of this WordPress blog is achieved in large part to conditional PHP programming and over a dozen plugins.

This blog has several different looks. The home or front page has an unique look. Pages look differently from posts, categories, archives, and blog searches. All thanks to the left and right sidebars which implement different looks using conditional PHP programming.

A long standing problem with WordPress blogs has also been corrected. With WordPress blogs it is very easy to be confused as to what you are look at. The search feature, for example, was extremely confusing to use due to a lack of feedback. Now, the top left sidebar identifies where you are at: whether it be searching for specific keywords, reading a specific category or archive, or reading the connectivity guide itself. The only exceptions would be web pages and individual posts which are already explicitly identified.

My objective is to move away from posting quips towards posts large enough to avoid landing in the supplemental index. The only question is how big does a WordPress post have to be? This new feature will soon answer that question.

Visitors can now email me directly, thanks to another plugin. I tried several different Contact Forms. They all had problems. One so called simple one was written by a Japanese person, I believe. It was totally cryptic, and totally without any instructions. While I am sure that the author knew how his simple markup coding worked. I, sure as heck, did not. :( In the end, I dumped that plugin and went with a very big and complex one. At least one of the anti-spam features appears to work correctly. Now a days, everything has to have an anti-spam feature. And, his cryptic instructions actually started to make a little bit of sense. After spending way too much time fooling around with this email contact feature, I was able to finally knock out something that was remotely okay with me. Of course, it would have been a lot easier just to encrypt a plain old hyperlink.

And, I am using yet another plugin to automatically maintain a XML Google sitemap. Ooooh! Wont Google be happy?





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