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Blogs are Expected to Act like Blogs

Google’s algorithms are brain-dead. Their methods of discriminating one Web site from another are pretty primitive. Learn to think in terms of how a computer intelligence might view your blog. Think primitive rather than sophisticated, when it comes to trying to figure out Google.

How does Google’s SERP algorithms view a WordPress blog? Think in terms of crude concepts. Never think beyond the layout of WordPress’ classic theme. A post consists of three key elements: Date, Title, and time of publication. What is important to Google in the post of a blog? Why it is date and time of publication along with the title of the post.

What does a blog do? A blog publishes posts on a regular basis. Therefore, a healthy high quality blog according to Google’s crude algorithms would actively be publishing new posts. While an idle inactive blog would be viewed as a sick blog of low quality.

A healthy blog notifies Google with a ping every time that a post has been published. A sick blog of low quality never uses pings to notify Google. Blogs publish posts, so Google does not quite know what to do with pages on a blog. Comments are also a normal part of a post, although Google probably thinks of them as being worthless or very low value text. It is more like Google has learned to tolerate comments rather than has grown to worship them.

Now, assuming that all your fundamentals are correct then WordPress blog problems with Google can more often than not depend upon what you are or are not doing, rather than on what Google has been doing.

Run your blog like a blog is supposed to operate in the the eyes of Google. And, in a relatively short period of time your Google problems will start to turn around all by themselves. Natural organic therapy for a Web site produces results that take effect practically immediately.





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