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John H. Gohde on Helping People Help Themselves

John H. Gohde likes to help people. But, there are many ways to help others. John’s philosophy is that that God helps those who help themselves. Give a man a fish and he can eat for one meal. But, teach a person how to fish and they can feed themselves for a lifetime.

Everyone needs to look around themselves. There is a food bank in Richmond, Virginia, USA that supposedly exists in order to feed the poor and homeless. They will gladly give a poor person some food to eat, but would never ever under any circumstances give a homeless person a job. They after all were once in the top ten of all the food banks in the country. And, accordingly only hire the best of the best. But, it seems to John H. Gohde that poor people are poor for a reason.

Put the homeless to work so that they can earn their own money, and there wont be any reason for a food bank to exist to begin with. Of course, the people running food banks would then not be able to buy their own food. Ergo, say what they want to, but the people in the welfare business have a vested interest in keeping poor people, poor and homeless. That is how a lot of SEOs seem to operate, in John’s opinion.

Personally, John H. Gohde avoids dealing with people directly, as much as possible. That way, John does not have to deal with their attitude problems. Just like in natural health, Web sites with Google problems have them for a reason. John has better things to do with his time than to deal with basket-cases in total denial with major attitude problems. And, just like in natural health most are looking for a quick fix.

Web site operators are often not the nicest of people to begin with. Often they are running some type of business scam. Basically, Web sites in need of help have a lot in common with people seeking to improve their own natural health.

John H. Gohde helps people by teaching them how to fish.

John has provided the public with all the tools that they are going to need. If you guys really want a job so that you can feed yourselves. Then by all means help yourselves. All anyone needs to do, is go to work. And, learn to help yourself.





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