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Managing Your Registered Users

There are a number of WordPress plugins that bloggers can use to manage their registered users in order to control what they have access to and what they can and cannot do. John H. Gohde reviews one of his favorite plugins. And, points out a few of its most valuable security features.

While John has been using this plugin for a few months, it is only recently that he is able to recommend its use to the general public. For one of its most important features simply did not work as advertised. But, finally with the current version at least, the plugin is working well enough for John H. Gohde to fully recommend it use to others.


The Adminimize Plugin

The Adminimize plugin, version 1.5.6, by Frank Bueltge basically provides some much needed security features to WordPress Blogs.

The plugin sticks with the default WordPress classification of users (i.e., Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, Administrator) and allows you to decide what each class of user has access to on a menu and option by option basis. It is generally recommended that you are supposed to keep secrete exactly which version of WordPress your blog is currently running. The problem is thatWordPress openly displays the current version you are using in both the Dashboard and page footer of the Administrative panels.

The Adminimize plugin takes care of this problem by allowing you to hide the page footer across the board, as well as block access to the Dashboard to all Subscribers as well as to all the other classes of users. The hide the dashboard feature originally did not work in that blocking access to Subscribers resulted in the Administrators also being blocked. Currently, when a Administrator accesses the Administrative Menus they are presented with the Dashboard. But, once they change to a different menu, they are no longer able to access the dashboard unless they first visit the site and then once again return to the Administrative Menus. While certainly a minor inconvenience, it is still workable as those users who have access to the Dashboard have a method of being able to access the Dashboard.

A few of its other features include a choice of admin themes / skins a few of which move categories to the sidebar. And, you can customize somewhat the page header in the Administrative Panels.

To recap, the main benefits of this security plugin is hiding both the dashboard and the page footer from new registered users on your WordPress blog, while still allowing them to access and edit their user profile.





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