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Gossip is What Counts in the SERPs

Google‘s better idea was that the uniquely democratic nature of the Web was indicative of the anchor text of hyperlinks pointing towards webpages. And that what other people think is on a webpage says more about the contents of that page, than its actual contents.

Does that notion make anymore sense to you than it does to me?

Google, the Gossipmonger

Google is running a tabloid search engine where gossip and popularity contests counts more than actual content. According to Google, it does not matter if the popular vote of magazine subscribers says that a given magazine is total garbage not remotely about what it used to be good at. What counts in Google is how many links you can get from sellers of commercial garbage who are trying to sell just another magazine totally irrespective of how on topic the actual magazine might be.

So you can see right off, that the producers of products that can be sold have a built-in advantage in Google.

Google’s Brain-Dead Algorithms

Further, what does that say about Google’s algorithms? It tells me that their algorithms must be brain-dead, and not very good at all at determining actual page content. The very existence of Google’s pagerank speaks to the undeniable fact that their algorithms are not all that good at determining actual page content.

According to Google, it does not matter what the actual street address of your business is. What actually counts is what other people think, that it is. So, if your business ever were to move, Google with its show map feature will in fact be promoting the wrong address of your business for years to come. So, much for the democratic nature of the Web and its corresponding mob rule mentality.

Sorry Google, but your entire notion of the superior value of anchor text is totally screwy.

The only bright side of the equation is that the on-page factors of white hat search engine optimization are a lot more effective than most Black Hat SEOs say that they are. On the downside, you might have to eventually waste you valuable time on doing totally stupid stuff like building external inbound links to important webpages of yours, otherwise known as Spamming or Google Bombing.





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