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It is truly amazing. Out of the blue Google crushes the life out of this blog. And, just as you are preparing to make the best of being toast, the unexpected happens. Google just as inexplicably gives up its strangle hold over you. And, this blog once again lives on.

About one and a half months ago, this blog inexplicably dropped completely out of Google’s blog index. One day you had over 30 posts in it. And, in the next you had absolutely none. Further, Google ignored every time this blog pinged a new post. Google had ignored our pings for at least one month. And, thus, ignored all our new posts in the Google Web index as well.

I had previously decided that it was time to face the fact that Google considers this blog toast, for whatever reason. And, I had started making a whole bunch of changes to it in order to make the best of being toast. I was planning on keep her up, but would make her static beyond adding a few more Glossary definitions pages.

So John H. Gohde was trying to decide on where best to publish some new SEO posts. And, decided to check this blog out one more time in the Google blog index. And, bingo this blog had all 30+ posts back in. Not only where we back, but even posts that were deleted a long time ago were also back in. That is one way Google’s blog index differs from its Web index. No post ever appears to be updated, or drops out of it once it gets added to Google’s Blog index.

Next, a test post on a Sphinn idea of mine was published yesterday. And, Google actually responded to our ping!

So, what the heck. There is still plenty of good stuff to post on SEO. And, the slimy side of Search Marketing that resides in Sphinn Central can likewise be covered. The organizational side of this blog is currently a mess. I might have to make a few changes back to the way it was. This blog is now violating just about all of my previous blog recommendations. But, I am going to let this blog experiment run just like it is. And, see just how Google will respond to it.





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