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Will The Google Arse-Kissers Please Shut Up?

You guys can whine all you want to about people constantly complaining about Google. I say that you guys simply don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about most of the time.

I am sorry, but people who cannot go through life without constantly kissing-ass want to make me puke. This post is both a spoof and a rebuttal to another post, among others, that whine about the exact opposite phenomena.

Making me puke, especially applies to the SEO Trolls who are constantly kissing up to both Google and the googlers. They must all be suffering from self-esteem issues? They work for free, for the googlers, like the fools that they truly are. Yet, they are so superstitious that they must always be kissing the arse of the googlers out of fear that between gremlins and karma their sites will start suffering in Google.

I am sorry, but I am not always looking for new and effective ways to scam money off of people surfing the Internet. In fact, Web sites which exist solely to grub money are nothing but a blight upon the entire original concept of the Internet as a medium conducive to the FREE exchange of information.

Natural organic and scientific search engine optimization is not rocket science, Never pay some SEO scam artist for something that any fool could do with a little bit of research and work, Sorry, but long-term success with Google doesn’t involve kissing Google’s arse every day of the week.

Global Warming? Sorry, but global warming is not a scientific fact. A simple review of history shows that England a 1,000 years ago was a major exporter of wine because it was a lot warmer back then, than it is now. What is not a sustainable situation in a SEO blog is ranting about Google Bashers. On my blog, I do not rant. I freely provide the facts, explicitly. More importantly, I state explicitly in rules of thumb what works and what does not work. Nothing could be simpler.

Excuse me, but paid-links are about Web site promotion. Paid-links have absolutely nothing to do with search engine optimization (SEO). Boy do I love to whine about SEO scam artists who yack all day about stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with SEO.

If you are an SEO it is neither about good content or paid-links. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about placing well in the SERPs with the content that you basically already have. That is why they call it an optimization rather than a creative process.

“Stop projecting your own beliefs onto Google?” Nope, it should read: “Stop trying to humanize Google.” And, kindly take the natural organic and scientific approach to search engine optimization that is being given freely out on my SEO blog.

Your lack of self-confidence is speaking loudly every time you kiss Google’s ass.

Just thought that the SEO Trolls might want to know.





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