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Wikify Your Web site

Wikipedia rules the SERPs in Google for a reason. How wrong can you be, SEO wise, to try to imitate the clear winner of the SERPs war?

John H. Gohde advises everyone to Wikify their Web sites.

“Did you know that ranking for highly competitive terms has more to do with Web site structure and internal links than external links? probably not, because so many schools of thought want you to think otherwise or simply go against the grain.” [source]

There is plenty that everyone can learn from studying the layout of a typical webpage on Wikipedia.

One of the obvious things that Wikipedia does, that most other Web sites do not do, is to cross-link their own webpages. The more your own site can link to your other internal webpages, then the higher ranked those pages will be in Google. Not being able to link to your own webpages ought to tell you something about their value.

Wikify your Web site, or cross-link to your own webpages, to vote for the value of your site page by page in Google.





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