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Ping Google With Every Post

The use of pinging services can help spread the word about your posts. Certainly, you would want to notify Google whenever a new post is published for the first time. But, they will only work for you if your blog is correctly set up.

It depends upon which version of WordPress that you are using. But on yourWriting options under either Options or Settings you should enter a list of pinging services that your blog wants to ping.

Setting Up Pinging Services

Which services your particular blog should be using is entirely debatable, but certainly you would want to ping Google at:

You should not be confusing pinging with either feeds or trackbacks. A ping is simply an invitation for Web services to visit your blog to crawl its latest post that has just been released. The Allow Pings selection in the Discussion options provides for trackbacks on all new posts. It really has nothing to do with pinging ping services. A trackback is a special kind of comment made by another blogger.

Should your Blog be using a pinging service at all?

New blogs really do not have much of a choice. New blogs need to get the word out about their blog. But there are a few steps that you can take to help prevent the scraping of your content.

The simplest approach is to manually add the <!–more–> teaser to each of your posts to ensure that at best that only a few introductory sentences of your post are scraped.





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