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Obsessing Over Blog Security

Researching the Web for information on improving the security of your WordPress Blog reminded John of a couple things.  It brought up the so-called transparent invisibility of virus checkers working silently in the background that are constantly getting in your face, reminding you that they are working.  And, of Norton Works that convinced their loyal users that they were actually helping them.  When the reality was that Norton Works was the source of most their PC problems.

Following the advice of Web site Security firms is a lot like letting the fox guard the hen house.  These people want your attention, but do they have any incentive to actually help you for free?

A Plugin From Hell

John generally finds that when you start adding security devices to your computer, home, or car that they always seem to end up doing you more harm than good.  Password protect your PC at work and you will end up spending all day entering passwords to protect yourself from a threat that really didn’t even exist to begin with. But, your new security measures are certainly wasting your time on a daily basis.

Obsessing Over WordPress Security

John was being told by the so-called security experts to change the default WordPress table prefixes in order to protect his blog against SQL injection.  His gut response was that their advice was total insanity, tantamount to committing Web site suicide.

So John installed this respected plugin that said trust me, and I will automatically change the WordPress table prefixes for you.   Starting to actually believe them, He foolishly actually let that plugin change his table prefixes two days ago.  And, guess what?.   That plugin from a trusted source ended up totally butchering John’s WordPress SEO blog, just like the voice inside his head told him that it would.  That plugin didn’t even implement basic safety procedures, like checking for problems before mucking with John’s tables.  Luckily, he had installed yet another plugin which had promised to backup and restore his blog.  That plugin told him that it had successfully restored his blog, when in fact it had done no such thing.  Luckily John’s brain was still functioning.

Nevertheless, by using the second plugin along with a heavy dose of brain power,  John did manage to restore his Blog correctly.  Buggy WordPress itself kept on painfully pointing out that it was not finding any of my posts and pages.  After going through some three hours of hell, He finally did managed to get his silly blog to actually function again.  Turns out that buggy WordPress was balking over permalinks.  It was just too stupid to tell him, directly.

Obsessing over security for John’s blog

After two more days of research on changing WordPress table prefixes in order to protect his blog against SQL injection, John is more convinced than ever that He needs to mess up his blog some more in yet another dangerous attempt to change his table prefixes.

Is John crazy, or is he just obsessing over security for his SEO blog?





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