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Link Juice is Total Bunk!

The SEO industry is plagued by tons of superstitious nonsense. You should steer clear of any SEO who is constantly trying to Humanize Google. These superstitious fools are actually claiming that PageRank is finite. Stay clear of all SEO humanizers.

Carlos del Rio wrote a post on No Follow – Gaming A Broken System that discusses this topic. Read this interesting post. Read any post that talks about leaking pagerank, link juice, or advocates that pagerank is finite. And, you will see documentation of people engaging in superstitious behavior starring you in the face.

There are plenty of superstitious SEO fools out there that are claiming that all links to administrative webpages like contactabout usprivacy policy, etc. should include the Rel=nofollow tag in order to prevent your valuable and finite pagerank from passing to them.

This is total superstitious nonsense.

The SEOs advocating such nonsense are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), in the opinion of John H. Gohde. Do not fall victim to their superstitious nonsense.

When you search engine optimize (SEO) your webpages you are doing battle with Google’s computer algorithms. Learn to think how a computer does, and you will do just fine in the SEO department. Anybody who tries to humanize Google is just plain nuts. And, everyone should avoid their advice, like the plague! For they do not know what they are talking about, advises John H. Gohde:(





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