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Google Playing Hardball with Free Hosting

To say that Google’s Webmaster Tool’s verification process is some what awkward is an understatement.  What Google has been doing for a very long time is playing hardball with Free Hosting Web sites.  Unless  they are using a Google Page or a Google Sites Web site it is generally impossible to verify ownership of a Free  site under Google’s current rules.

Google’s Web site Verification Process

For as long as I can recall there has been only two ways that a webmaster can verify their Web site.

In the Choose verification method list, select the verification method that works best for you.

Webmasters who are using a free hosting service generally do not meet the Google’s very restrictive site verification requirements.  Many free hosting services do not allow people to edit the Header Section of their source code, do not allow uploads of HTML files, or they do not allow uploads to their root directory.

As I write this post, the Google Webmaster Central team is testing a new verification process for Google Webmaster Tools.  They are mute on just what process they are testing.  Is there any other possible method of Web site verification?





Technorati’s Blog Verification Process

The answer is a big YES. Technorati has a blog verification process that works quite well.  It is similar to Google’s meta tag verification process except that you are required to post their verification code in a new post.  I have verified all of my blogs through Technorati this way.  John H. Gohde definitely can see a similar process being used to verify any Web site.

Simply add verification code to the very top of the home page of any Web site in the Body Section of the HTML code.  Once the site has been verified, webmasters are allowed to remove the verification code.

Lets face it, Google likes to play hardball with Free Web sites for no good reason.





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