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This Blog Has A New Mission

The mission of this blog is now going to be about the reputation management of John H. Gohde.  While Sphinn seems to indicate that the Social Media is what one is supposed to be using for their reputation management.  I have found WordPress blogs to be a lot more effective for me.  Further, blogs are in many ways a part of the social media.

Because this blog will be targeting only one keyword,  Namely the title of this blog or John H. Gohde,  it is violating many of my general recommendations for the SEO of Web sites.

When your blog is targeting only one keyword, what you want to do is to get as many webpages into the Google index as possible.  In WordPress blogs, every page and post automatically has a text logo / page header that uses anchor text which points back to the home page.  Currently in Google, when googlebombing a keyword every page counts, even those in the supplemental index.  Thus, the more webpages indexed, the better.

However in most cases, this wont be the case.  Usually you would want your blog to be targeting a lot of different keywords.   Thus in the usual case, you would want to keep duplicate content out of Google.  And, you would want to keep your good pages out of the supplemental index.

In addition, I am now using a Google xml sitemap plugin to encourage Google to index the one hundred or so webpages that it has yet to index.  As luck would have it, the sitemap plugin that I have installed is actually pretty good.  It has a lot of different options.  And, might even be suitable for most WordPress blogs.

So, since this paid WordPress blog already has the most webpages in it of all my WordPress blogs I am keeping it just where it is.  And, I will continue to post on SEO topics at least until the remaining hundred pages of this blog have been indexed by Google.





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