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SEO Tips & Tricks: They Don't Want You to Know About

Most Blogging is about Absolutely Nothing

Have you ever noticed that all WordPress Bloggers are basically just babbling and scribbling to themselves about absolutely nothing? Or, are just repeating information that they have stolen from other blogs and Web pages?

As an expert searcher on Google, I have found that there is an absolute vacuum of technical information available on the Internet about WordPress, let alone being available on WordPress blogs. You have to search and search before you can locate any really useful information about serious subjects, such as Content Management Systems, Design, and Customizing WordPress.

Most WordPress blog posts are just quips that do not really say anything about anything. Nobody it appears is interested in giving out the really good stuff for free. :(

Worst yet, are those blogs where the actual post is buried several layers deep. In some cases, you have to make 3 clicks of the mouse before you can get to the actual post which consists of only three tiny paragraphs, most of which is just empty hot air. :(

Searchers are expected to wade through all the noise, which consists mostly of advertisement, recent posts, comments, and endless blog nonsense; all of which soon becomes quite tiresome.

SEO WordPress bloggers are absolutely the pits. They are big on praising themselves, but usually deliver time wasting nonsense that is more often wrong than correct, and surely do not tell the computer techie what he needs to know. They all assume that the average visitor is a total moron, when it comes to blogging.





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