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SEO Tips & Tricks: They Don't Want You to Know About

The Buying and Selling of Links

Interest in the the Buying and Selling of Links is totally boring and is really just plain stupid. Procuring inbound links to your site by any means is about Web site promotion, rather than search engine optimization.

In SEO work, one optimizes what one has control over.

Webmasters do not have control over who links to them. So, worrying about backward links to your sites is a totally stupid none productive waste of time.

Webmasters have control over at least two things:

  1. Their internal link / url structure
  2. Cross-link your internal webpages together
  3. Inbound links from related Web sites.

Your sites obtain most of their initial page rank from how all the internal pages link to each other. And, links from other Web sites that a webmaster operates.

Search engine optimization is about working on what you have control over. Do not not waste time on stuff that you do not have any control over.





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