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New Blog Makeover

John H. Gohde came across a series of posts that captured his attention because they were a great blend of Search Engine Optimization and detailed WordPress Theme customization suggestions. These posts are very timely. They were just created during the last couple of months.

Working on theme customization posts, himself, John came across this interesting blog that offered, you guessed it: Actual snippets of WordPress PHP coding suggestions. What started out as being only one post, John H. Gohde soon found to be an entire series of recently written WordPress posts on the Ultimate Guide to WordPress SEO. All of the posts were very impressive.


Can You Spot the Changes to My Theme?

John was so impressed, that he actually implemented quite a few of the suggestions being made by Nathan Rice. Nathan seemed to know what he was talking about. So, John gave his WordPress blog a new makeover.

John H. Gohde says that it is same old theme with a few tweaks made to it here and there. Many of them are quite noticeable. While others are more subtle invisible changes made to the HTML markup coding to improve the search engine optimization of this blog. As much as John has worked on optimizing his blog, it is really amazing that he hadn’t already implemented those changes himself.

There is so much B/S being written on SEO these days by Internet Marketing people, that it is rather refreshing to see somebody take such a technical approach to SEO for a change.





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