Our top 10 strategies for improving your natural health and wellness Top 10 Good Health Tips

Top 10 Good Health Tips

Feel great and full of energy with our top 10 strategies for dramatically improving how you feel, your natural health and wellness, and the quality of your life. Obtaining noticeable results by following this checklist will motivate everyone to consistently work on improving their health.


Our Top Ten Health & Wellness Tips

Our top 10 strategies for improving your natural health and wellness
  1. STOP being stupid! Surviving in the natural world is all about competition. Life is a struggle that requires the daily active use of your brain to successfully solve a never-ending list of problems and challenges. Always, THINK before you act.

    There is STUPID and then there is really STUPID! The following two behaviors should be self-explanatory to anyone remotely interested in improving their health, with a still intact brain.

    • Do NOT Smoke. - While we are sure that there are still people out there who are in denial about the harmful health effects of smoking, the Natural Health Perspective simply has better things to do then cater to this pitiful group.
    • Do NOT Binge Drink, or drink excessive amounts of Alcohol.[1] NEVER mix alcohol with prescription medication, especially psychotropic drugs.
    • NEVER become a drug addict, abuse substances, or take illegal hallucinogenic drugs. Whenever your body is NOT under the control of the volition of your brain; your risk of death from accidents, homicide, and drug interactions goes dramatically up.
      • The proof behind this position is everywhere. All you have to do is look. The number of celebrities and ordinary people who have died way before their time is legendary. The ever-growing list runs with the likes of Whitney Houston and Cory Monteith, to local drunks who have managed to have gotten run over trying to cross a road, drown themselves in a river, or killed somebody in a DUI accident..
  2. Supplement with vitamin D, daily. Feeling good and enjoying life is just as much a requirement for good health, as avoiding colds, influenza, and cancer are. Restoring normal blood levels of vitamin D will increase your natural immunity and make you feel young again with lots of energy, within 30 days.
  3. Be sure to use your brain in mentally challenging activities every day. In other words, use it before you lose it. The neural plasticity of the human brain can be thought of as a muscle that should be exercised or developed daily. Try implementing a well thought out plan of action to improve your life circumstances, learn new skills, solve problems, and actively deal with life challenges, on a daily basis.
  4. Consume omega-3 essential fatty acids in your diet, 2 or 3 times a week. Eat cold water fatty fish like sardines, wild salmon, ground flaxseed mill, walnuts, health grade cod liver and flaxseed oil, free-range omega 3 eggs, and fish oil supplements are excellent sources of omega-3 EFAs.
  5. Stop drinking high-fructose / sugary based drinks like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, soda, fruit flavored drinks, and energy drinks by only drinking healthy beverages.
  6. Get adequate sleep, each night. Do NOT foolishly expect mother nature to restore your body without a good night's sleep. Seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night is NOT an option, but rather a requirement for good health.
  7. Be actively engaged with life, and maintain a Positive Outlook, at all times. Depression is nothing but a stupid waste of your valuable time. Do NOT squander your life on NEGATIVITY. Socially engage with positive people, as typified by the successful aging of Betty White.
  8. Stop eating junk food - The number one worst junk food to avoid eating is anything that you can buy in a vending machine: Chips, Crackers, Cookies, Cupcakes, Fried Pork Skins, etc. Why? Extreme amounts of salt, along with lots of calories that have no nutritional value.
         STOP eating fastfood - Fastfood is fiberless food. Learn how to eat a healthy whole food diet that contains plenty of healthy natural fiber and nutrients.
  9. Exercise every day for better health in just ten minutes.
  10. Prevent chronic infections and communicable diseases by supplementing with a tiny amount of vitamin A and a small amount of zinc. Communicable diseases are still quite capable of taking lives, in the new millennium. Pneumonia is a serious threat especiallyto the elderly, with Jack LaLanne being one of its most notable recent victims. Nevertheless, the death of Brittany Murphy in 2009 at the age of 32 shows that death from pneumonia is a serious risk to everybody. Use therapeutic dosages of vitamin A, if and when you come down with a serious infection or communicable disease.

The Natural Health Perspective has provided these strategies for those who like lists. Having things spelled out in black and white will help reduce your anxiety of the unknown.

Tips for Good Health

#1 - Maintenance of Physical Activity

#2 - Maintenance of Social & Intellectual Engagement

Our Top Ten Strategies for Wellness

Notice how losing weight is NOT on our list, even though the growing obesity epidemic shows us a full third of the American adult population is now considered obese, while an additional 30% is overweight. Faithfully working on implementing this list of healthy lifestyle tips in your life will melt the pounds off you, during the next few months, in a healthy way.

According to epigenetics, healthy lifestyles work even to the point of negating your family health history.

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  1. UCTV Youtube video, Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention, Feb 2009, minutes: 36:28 - 37:02

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