Try walking just ten minutes a day, for better health. Ten Minutes A Day to Good Health

Ten Minutes A Day to Good Health

Walking just ten minutes, a day will create a completely new you. A ten minutes a day exercise program fits into the busiest of schedules. Walking does your body good. Why not try walking, today?

Try walking just ten minutes a day, for better health.

Walking for Fitness

No health club membership is required. Nor, do you need any special equipment. All you have to do is walk, seven days a week, ten minutes a day, rain or shine. No pronounced vigorous arms movements are required for a health benefit. Just walk as you normally would. Ten minutes amounts to no more than a short walk around the block.

People suffering from low energy levels should be supplementing with vitamin D.

Walk normally at any speed that you desire to, no matter how slow you start out. You could take a short walk in the morning around the block where you live before eating breakfast. Or, you could walk from your automobile to where ever you are going. Just be sure to park your car a short distance away from your final destination.


Beginner's Guide to Fitness Walking

You could, for example, walk for the last ten minutes of a 30 minutes lunch break. Or, you could walk around between classes at school.


Fitness Walking

In a few weeks, you will naturally start to feel the benefits of this 10 minute a day exercise walking program. At that point, you should try walking at a faster pace, to end up feeling even more energized

What you want is a quick no nonsense exercise period, with all the unnecessary frills left out. No special clothing is ever required for fitness walking. No need to warm up. You NEVER want to break into a sweat, as you always want to be presentable in your street clothes. Nor, do I see any reason to draw attention to yourself, with pronounced vigorous swinging movements of your arms.

Furthermore, you should never zone out while walking by listening to music, watching a video, or talking on the cellphone. By focusing on your immediate surroundings, you will actually get a mental boost that will help prevent age-related dementia. Furthermore, by paying attention to what you are doing, your walks will be safer.

Fitness walking is the gateway to other exercise options for improved fitness and natural health and wellness.

You will soon experience a new you, just from walking ten minutes a day. The new you will end up being motivated to explore other supplemental exercise options.

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