The Natural Health Perspective is about achieving wellness with healthy lifestyles. Introducing Our Wellness Program

the Natural Health Perspective's
Wellness Program

The Natural Health Perspective is about achieving wellness with healthy lifestyles.

The Natural Health Perspective is about achieving wellness through healthy living. Natural health and wellness is available to everyone, thanks to the natural therapy of healthy living. Through the holistic medicine of healthy living and patience, this site promotes personal health and fitness.

The natural health viewpoint empowers everyone to achieve wellness. You have this power because Mother Nature, herself, is the strongest healing force in existence. Every person is born with a natural ability to overcome disease


Highlights of Introducing Our Wellness Program

  • Natural health empowers everyone to achieve wellness.
  • Bad habits are the basic cause of poor health.
  • You can become a centenarian simply by avoiding lifestyle diseases.
  • The philosophy of natural health recognizes the mind-body connection.
  • Eating a healthy diet is the foundation of natural health.
  • Exercise does the body good.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle results in natural immunity to communicable diseases.
  • Natural health advocates have an optimistic attitude towards life.
  • Many of our lifestyle choices are based on habit and the marketing hype of the media.
  • Wellness, prevention of lifestyle diseases, and longevity comes down to YOU taking action.
  • Healthy lifestyles can even reprogram the family history of your DNA, according to the science of epigenetics.
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A call for Moderation

Bad habits are the basic cause of poor health. A healthy lifestyle is one of both moderation[1] and balance.[2] Ever since Aristotle pointed out his Doctrine of the Golden Mean living a lifestyle of moderation has made sense. In every situation, the extremes of both excess and deficiency are wrong. More is NOT necessarily better when it comes to your natural health.

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From the natural health and fitness point of view the likelihood of you becoming a centenarian depends on how successfully you can avoid getting a lifestyle disease.[3] Cancer and heart disease are can be prevented from the natural health and wellness standpoint. They as lifestyle diseases are different from communicable diseases.

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The natural health and fitness viewpoint empowers everyone to realize wellness and optimum health. Optimum natural health and fitness is NOT just surviving. It is about wellness. It is about living a happier, healthier, and more harmonious existence. Good natural health is what enables centenarians to enjoy every day of their lives.

The Natural Health Perspective empowers persons to live a long life. Personal longevity is about living a high quality life well into your eighties, nineties and beyond. It addresses the issues surrounding the inevitability of death and what is available to effectively deal with the problem. Longevity is the result of the interplay of many different factors. Genetic factors account for no more than about 30 percent of your life expectancy. From the natural health and wellness standpoint, your personal longevity is under your own control.

The philosophy of natural health recognizes the mind-body connection. It takes a holistic approach to your health and wellness. Just like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity the psychological factors of excess anxiety, excess anger, prolonged insomnia, and so on can lead to the deterioration of your natural health. Our thoughts and emotions play a central role in all aspects of our health. Your mind can heal by mobilizing your body's innate healing powers. The healing power of the mind is documented by the existence of the placebo effect. Natural health advocates believe that by taking care of our psychological wellbeing, we can often prevent illness and often speed our own recovery when we do get sick.

Is your body getting healthier or sicker?

From the Natural Health Perspective the mind, body and spirit exerts a holistic influence on your wellness, natural health, and fitness. Mind covers your thought processes and your ability to use reason to control your fate. Your mind consists of your attitudes, and beliefs. Spirit is your will to live. It is your temper, disposition of mind, or the peculiar characteristics of the mind that make up whom you are. Your spirit consists of emotional states ranging from love and compassion to fear and anger. Spirit is how you react to your environment. Emotions can trigger chain reactions that affect blood chemistry, heart rate, and the activity of every cell and organ in your body. Emotion is the key to unlocking your innate potential for self-healing. The mind-body connection is what empowers natural health fans to gain fitness, balance, and wellness.

Natural health and wellness advocates believe that eating a healthy whole food diet should be the foundation of any natural health and fitness program. Those who have a good natural health attitude eat for tomorrow. They believe in establishing eating habits that will hold them in a good stead for the rest of their lives. The philosophy of natural health and wellness advocates eating next to no sugar, less saturated fat, lots of fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole-grains, but only modest amounts of meat. Meat should never be the centerpiece of any meal.

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From the natural health and fitness standpoint, nutritional supplements empowers everyone to prevent lifestyle diseases.[3] We need many known nutrients in larger amounts than a moderate diet can provide. Natural health and wellness champions take nutritional supplements to avoid nutritional insufficiencies. From the Natural Health Perspective, prevention is better than cure.

Since the beginning of time, survival has been a daily struggle. Simply staying alive was physically demanding. People living in the modern world over the last 150 years, physically have it too easy. We live in our minds so much of the time, that we to our peril are ignoring the needs of our physical body. Most work in offices sitting down all day reading, writing, speaking, and thinking, but seldom by physical labor.

From the natural health and wellness point of view, exercise does the body good. Exercise empowers natural health and fitness advocates to take active steps to combat disuse atrophy. If you have a good natural health and fitness attitude taking the car to cross the road is out, while working out in a gym three or four times a week is in.

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Natural health and wellness advocates develop an optimistic attitude toward life. The biggest difference between people is their attitude. Everyday activities become habits, which in turn become deeply ingrained in our lives. These habits make us who we are. Maintaining a positive attitude toward the real possibility of living a longer life will enliven and enrich every day of your life. If you have a good natural health attitude, you will discard negative stereotyped thinking about aging. Natural health and wellness proponents always assume the odds are in their favor.

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Good health is just as much a part of having the correct attitude towards life as it is about having a physically fit body. Indeed, health can even be defined as successfully coping with pain, sickness, and death as a normal part of life.[5]

Optimists not only live better, but they also live longer. They modify personality traits associated with early death and disability. Optimists never lose interest in life. They never accept the notion that it is too late to change. Optimists always set goals and have commitments. They never give in to boredom.

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From the natural health and fitness point of view how you confront and adapt to losses is a major part of life. A healthy person has resilience, or the ability to recover from or adjust easily to change or misfortune in their life. Good natural health means that your mind, body, and spirit are resilient.

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Many of our lifestyle choices are based upon habit and the marketing hype of the media. From the Natural Health Perspective wellness, natural health and fitness, prevention of lifestyle diseases,[3] and personal longevity comes down to taking action. Choose a healthier alternative over a less healthy one each moment of your life. From the Natural Health Perspective being healthy simply requires everyone to make healthy lifestyle choices. There are no quick fixes in life.[4] There is only your determination to make positive changes in your life. Commit to positive changes, but do so slowly and gently. The key to success is taking small steps. Success is having patience enough to let time take its course.[4]

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In conclusion: from the Natural Health Perspective natural health is about promoting wellness and fitness through the natural remedies of eating a healthy diet, taking nutritional supplements, reaping the benefits of exercise, and having a healthy attitude and resilience in your life.

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Introducing Our Wellness Program Comments:


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