You are what your body does with what you eat. All Calories Are NOT The Same

All Calories Are NOT the Same

Calorie for calorie - More weight will be lost on some calories than on others.

You are not what you eat, you are what your body does with what you eat at a physiological level.

Gulping down lots of sugar is causing an obesity epidemic

Conventional wisdom states that if you eat it, then you had better burn it off in exercise otherwise you are going be storing those calories as body fat.

This type of misinformation is exactly what has been wrong with conventional nutritional information on weight management for the last 30 years. This flawed position of most nutrition professionals and health organizations ignores the macronutrient composition of what you eat. Their position is wrong precisely because it is based upon a misunderstanding of the second law of thermodynamics. More weight will be lost calorie for calorie - on a ZERO SUGAR healthy whole food diet, compared with the standard American junk food diet.

"The idea that 'a calorie is a calorie' comes from a misunderstanding of the laws of thermodynamics.
The second law was developed in the context of the industrial revolution and the attempt to understand the efficiency of machines. ... The second law says that no machine is completely efficient. Some of the available energy is lost as heat and in the internal rearrangement of chemical compounds and other changes in entropy. ... The efficiency of a machine is dependent on how the machine works and, for a biochemical machine, the nature of the fuel and the processes enlisted by the organism."
[Feinman 2004]

Just because you want to lose weight does NOT mean that you can ignore all the long established foundations of natural health. The Natural Health Perspective has a health program as well as recommended diets that all individuals attempting to lose body fat would be advised to follow. Individuals interested in losing over 50 pounds of body fat do better on our modified or higher protein diet. Much of what we will be recommending for easy weight loss has already been covered in our top ten tips for good health.

SUGAR makes You Fat

The calorie is NOT just a calorie position usually denotes someone who advocates a Low-Carb diet. The Natural Health Perspective is advocating an improvement to the low Carb approach to losing weight. Some carbohydrates offer more of a metabolic advantage to weight loss than others do.

The real villain is SUGAR, as well as ALCOHOL. Excess consumption of both sugar and alcohol will end up as body fat, especially belly fat. Calorie for calorie, about one third of sugar calories will end up deposited as body fat.

There is more than one kind of sugar, just as as there is more than one kind of an alcoholic beverage. The problem sugars are Fructose and Sucrose. Excess consumption of all alcoholic beverages are bad for you. But, Beer is especially problematic. All sugars are bad for your health, but Fructose and High-Fructose Corn Syrup are especially nasty.


All Calories Are NOT the Same

The suggested order of elimination of problem areas from a healthy Weight Loss Diet is as follows.

  1. All beverage forms of Fructose and / or Beer
  2. All beverage forms of Added Table Sugar or Sucrose
  3. All food which list either Fructose, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, or Sucrose as one of the first three ingredients in the food label.
  4. All foods that contain any type of an added sugar in the food label.
  5. Work on learning how to eat a healthy whole food diet, in general.


Calorie for calorie - More weight will be lost on Sugar calories than on others.

The advantage of this advised plan of attack is as follows.

  • Sugars are easy to identify. You simply have to read food labels.
  • You work on the biggest problem areas first, which produces the fastest weight loss results.
  • It works. Dropping SUGAR from your diet will automatically melt fat off your body, and especially from your stomach area.
  • It is based upon science. There are tons of research studies supporting this plan. It is simply a matter of citing the most understandable studies. Research citations will be forthcoming.
  • Implementation is as easy, simple, and effortless as losing weight is ever going to get.
  • Details on how to implement each step will be forthcoming.
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