Always make healthy lifestyle affirming lifestyle choices. Introducing Longevity Antiaging Therapy

Introducing Longevity Antiaging Therapy

Longevity antiaging therapy is about promoting optimum longevity through healthy living. Making healthy lifestyle choices each day takes will power, persistence, and a lot of hard work. Optimum longevity is the end result of providing for all the needs of the whole person, consistently, over a very long period of time. Achieving a longer life requires that you take working on your health seriously.

Always make healthy lifestyle affirming lifestyle choices.

Great longevity is about a bunch of really old people living their live. The oldest centenarians did nothing particularly special other than getting on with their lives. Some people have managed to age better than others have. We can all learn something important by looking closer at the elderly who have managed to age gracefully.

Highlights of Longevity Antiaging Therapy:

  • Optimum Longevity = Healing Power of Nature + Antiaging Therapy + Time[1], [2], [3]
  • Your body can grow its way into a state of health provided you have consistently followed antiaging therapy over a long enough period of time.[1], [2], [3]
  • Achieving a longer life is the end result of a lot of hard work that has been applied consistently over a very long period of time.
  • Natural health is anything but a quick fix cure for lifestyle diseases. Put off working on improving your health long enough and one day it might be too late to realistically start an antiaging therapy program.

The Natural Health Perspective is a health, rather than a medical Web site. A natural health site should naturally offer a more commonsense approach to longevity. Therefore, no attempt will be made to offer medical approaches to a longer life.

Making changes in lifestyle works! A study in the July 9, 2001 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, published by the American Medical Association, provided the scientific proof. This study shows that populations that follow what they describe as healthy behaviors do live profoundly longer -- up to five and even ten years longer than those who do not. Most of those years are disability-free.[2]

The Natural Health Perspective longevity program's approach to antiaging therapy can be represented as a simple formula.

On this Web site, we are talking about achieving optimum longevity rather than a maximum lifespan. Optimum longevity is about living a high quality of life for the longest time possible. It is not about hanging onto life, in some hospital bed, till the age of 120.

"I don't care how long I live;
I just want to be LIVING while I am living!"

Every person is born with an innate natural ability to overcome disease. The corollary to this principle is that if you have not yet died by the time you are 45, then you have been born with genetics that are more than adequate for a long life.

The Natural Health Perspective wellness program, or natural therapies, provides the correct health fundamentals. Our antiaging therapy is grounded in the same five key areas required for optimum personal health.

Optimum longevity requires that you take action. It requires that you take our health program seriously. When you have consistently carried out these health fundamentals over a long enough period of time, all the details will automatically take care of themselves.[1] In other words, your body will naturally rejuvenate itself. Many, but not all, pre-existing health conditions should self-correct. Stated in yet another way, your body will grow its way into a state of health provided you have consistently followed our anti-aging therapy over a long enough period of time.[1]

"If you are seeking boundless energy, eternal happiness, an ageless body, or immortality, please look elsewhere. I will be writing only of real possibilities, consistent with the findings of medical science."

A key part of the Natural Health Perspective longevity program's approach to antiaging therapy is time.[1] Improving your health and wellness can be soft, warm and fuzzy. But, achieving a longer life is the end result of a lot of hard work consistently applied over a very long period of time. Improving your longevity takes will power, persistence, and a lot of hard work; that only you can do.

A hard fact of reality is that it can indeed be too late to start a longevity program of anti-aging therapy, or even a health program. So, if you want to start working on your health because you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, it might indeed be too late to expect natural health to miraculously save you overnight; after neglecting your health over a lifetime.

While we all would like to think that it is never too late to start a health program, just like in the late stages of starvation, there is in fact a point of no return. So, the sooner the Natural Health Perspective health program, or natural therapies, are started the better. Ideally you should start working on your health some time in your 40's. The healing power of nature works, but requires time to work.[1]

"DENNIS: George Burns almost made it to 100 but he smoked cigars, drank alcohol and was not a health nut. How do you account for his longevity and others like him?
JACK: George Burns was more athletic than you think he was. And he was a very social man--he loved people, he enjoyed life. He worked at living. Old George was a social lion, he got around and did things. That's the key right there. It starts with your brain. Some people, when they get to 60 years old have no interests anymore, have no friends left. George Burns was busy all the time doing something."

Realistically, you can be soft and gentle to yourself only for so long. An off-again and on-again health program wont increase your longevity. Keep on putting off a serious effort at improving your health and longevity, and it will one day be to your peril.

In conclusion: everything discussed on this Web site will contribute to a longer life. Optimum natural health is obtained by addressing five key areas: Diet, Nutritional Supplements, Exercise, Attitude, and Resilience. Optimum longevity is obtained by taking these five natural therapies seriously.

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Introducing Longevity Antiaging Therapy Comments:


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