Our message is eat more broccoli and less meat. Eat Plants, NOT Meat

Eat Plants, NOT Meat

Our message is eat more plants. This is not an imperative to eat more organic broccoli, versus ordinary broccoli. Rather it is an imperative to eat more broccoli and less meat.

Our message is eat more broccoli and less meat.

Eat More Plants

For humans, eating less meat is the health imperative. It has to do with the length of your intestines. The longer that digested food remains in your colon, the more you are exposed to harmful toxins. And, accordingly the more likely you are to end up with colorectal cancer. No matter how "organic" that hamburger that you are eating might be, all meat is fundamentally bad for human health. Meat simply slows down the transit time for food to pass through your intestines, thereby increasing the amount of toxins that your body is exposed to. Furthermore, these toxins are innate to all animal-based products, no matter how "organic."


More Cooking is Key

Good health starts in the kitchen, rather than at the food market.

We are unhealthy NOT because we are NOT eating enough "organic" foods. We are unhealthy because we are eating too many animal-products and NOT enough plants.

Great tasting food requires good cooking skills.

The real mission of the natural health movement should be to get more people to cook. People will not eat what does NOT taste good. Nobody will eat the most perfectly grown organic food, if it does not taste great. Great cooking skills is, thus, the secret to ending up with food that is worth eating.

Improve your Nutrition at the Intermediate Level.

Being experienced, you can now tackle harder challenges. At the intermediate level, start working on your addiction to sugar while you continue to move away from consuming junk food towards more healthy whole foods.
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  6. Food Faddism

Organic is an Elitist Position

Certainly, nobody is stopping anyone from buying "organic."

Nevertheless, I will refer everyone to the very last paragraph of lesson #1 in our tutorial on our health and wellness program.

"If most of the entire modern world cannot reasonably be expected to be able to do something, then that advice will not be offered. You will never see us recommending that you must raise organic chickens or that you must spend $200 a week on health supplements in order to be healthy. If the advice is not practical in the modern world, then the Natural Health Perspective will not offer it."

The Natural Health Perspective claims that there should never be an income disparity to health. Natural health claims that lifestyle is everything, NOT the size of your bank account.

As long as you eat less meat and more plant-based foods, the result will be better health.

Eat Plants, NOT Meat

  • Be sure to check out the above video, starting at 4:55.



NOT everyone can afford "organic." Nor, does everyone have easy access to "organic." Thus, the Natural Health Perspective will never state that eating exclusively "organic" is a requirement for good health. However, everyone can afford to buy produce from a grocery store. Plain old garden-variety plants are easily accessible to all. Remember that health is a journey, rather than a destination. It is undeniable that people can go a very long way improving their personal health by eating more plants and less meat. Furthermore, a diet based upon the staples of dried legumes, dried whole grains, and fresh whole potatoes is about as affordable as you can get.

Our mission is to get more people to cook. Our message is: Eat more plants. The good news is that small amounts of animal-based foods in your diet are paradoxically required for good health. Thus, an extreme vegan diet is never recommended. Call it guilty pleasure, or whatever you want to, but people can occasionally indulge themselves in moderation and still be healthy. Nobody gets out of life alive. The entire point of working on improving your wellness is enjoying life, while you are still living.

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