Cure most digestion problems with good gut flora. Treating Digestive Problems

Treating Digestive Problems

You can cure most digestion problems by reestablishing the ecology of your gut, with good flora.

Since poor digestion renders natural therapies ineffective, seeking out good professional help, for the fastest possible recovery time is highly recommended. Nevertheless, for those insisting upon self-treatment, establishing good gut flora is the approach taken in most natural health circles to correct digestive related health conditions.


Natural Therapies for Digestion Problems

The following suggested approaches should be followed in sequence. Try the next approach, only if the current natural therapy did NOT work for you, after giving it sufficient time.

  1. Do the Obvious
    1. Eliminate ALL Problem Drugs
    2. Eliminate ALL Problem Foods
    3. Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)
  2. Consume a Liquefied Diet
  3. Clean Up Your Diet
  4. Modified GAPS Diet Approach


Seeking out professional help for digestive problems

Do What is Obvious, First

Eliminate ALL Problem Drugs

It is the overwhelming consensus of the natural health community that antibiotics, prescription medication, and even birth control pills can mess up the ecology of your gut flora. Obviously, immediately cutting out all unnecessary drug triggers, wherever possible is highly advisable.

Eliminate ALL Problem Foods

Chances are if you are suffering from a digestive problem, then you are very likely to be suffering from food allergies or an intolerance.

Cut out ALL Dairy, Wheat, and Gluten products

While food allergies or intolerances can often be temporary problems, the fastest approach to recovery is to immediately cut out all of the most commonly known dietary triggers.

  1. All Dairy Products
  2. All Wheat and/or Gluten containing foods
  3. All sources of Fructose and Added Sugar

Like it or not, most of the modern world eats wheat, gluten, and dairy. Thus, you might find life easier, if you could safely eat those food items.

Simple Steps to Cure IBS

Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)

If the eliminating all problem foods approach worked for you, then after about two years of eating a safe diet you might want to very gradually reintroduce very small amounts of gluten containing food items into your diet. This approach is called oral immunotherapy (OIT) therapy, which uses a desensitization technique. By listening to your body, you should be able to detect any possible negative reactions to the reintroduction of wheat / gluten products, which would probably indicate a genetic incompatibility problem.

Likewise, if you like, you can take a similar approach to reintroducing both eggs and cheese into your diet.


Consume a Liquefied Diet

Improve your nutrition with natural juicing.

People experiencing digestive problems are NOT benefiting from the foods that they are eating and the nutritional supplements that they are taking nearly as much as the normal population would be.

An easy way to compensate for your lessen ability to absorb nutrients is to engage in natural juicing, in a major way. With juicing, absorbing good nutrition would be as easy as drinking water. You should be drinking homemade, fresh, nutritionally dense vegetable juice three or four times a day. Moreover, be sure to drink plenty of juiced green cabbage for improved digestive health.

What the Natural Health Perspective is advocating here is a modified form of Gerson therapy.

Improve your nutrition by drinking smoothies.

Pretend that you have no teeth. Your goal should be to consume as much food in a liquefied state as possible.

Beyond natural juicing, you should try using a good heavy duty blender to liquefy as much natural foods as possible. Whey protein powder can be added to most blended foods, for what else other than to add additional protein. Bananas can, likewise, be added to most smoothies, for extra calories.

You should try living on a liquefied diet for at least three months, before resorting to the more radical modified GAPS diet approach to restoring good digestive health.


Clean Up Your Diet

Just like everybody else, you should be working on improving your diet in general. However, unlike the individuals with good digestion, people experiencing digestion problems should be highly motivated to make a dramatic change to their diet, as fast as possible. The end goal is eating a mostly vegetarian diet, for at least six months. In addition, you must:


Modified GAPS Diet Approach

If the eliminating all problem foods approach did NOT solve your digestive problem, then the Natural Health Perspective suggests following a more radical three step modified GAPS approach, which some health sites referr as GAPS Heal and Seal Therapy.

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