The Natural Health Perspective advocates a ZERO Sugar diet for weight loss. Introducing Weight Management - The Obesity Cure

Introducing Natural Weight Loss
The Obesity Cure

The Natural Health Perspective takes an objective science-based approach to weight management. We offer practical solutions that work for people interested in losing both major and moderate amounts of excess body fat.

Naturally melt excess body fat off your belly.

The Obesity Epidemic

Our philosophy is that people have been victims of their environment for far too long. Science has shown in recent years, that even six month old babies in America are severely overweight. Infants and children could NOT possibly be responsible for their weight gain. Yet, they are clearly getting fat. On the Natural Health Perspective, it is NOT what you eat that counts, but rather what your body does with what you eat.

The Natural Health Perspective advocates a ZERO Sugar diet rather than a Low-Carb diet to lose excess body weight.


Fructose Causes People To Eat Too Much Food

On the Natural Health Perspective, a calorie is NEVER just a calorie. Our approach to weight loss is both easy and transparent to our participants. Forced exercise or severely caloric restricted diets are NOT utilized on the Natural Health Perspective.

In the United States of America, the real villain has been for a long time High-Fructose Corn Syrup. Internationally, and in Europe, the villain is Sucrose or added table sugar. In addition, drinking a lot of beer and other alcoholic beverages will do the same thing.

For those interested in losing larger amounts of weight, the Natural Health Perspective has been recommending a modified version of our recommended diet for over ten years that contains higher amounts of protein.

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Introducing Natural Weight Loss - The Obesity Cure Comments:


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