Cacao dark chocolate bars are perfect complement for your oil-soluble supplements. The Fat Solution

Cacao Bars - The Perfect Fat Solution

Many people like to take their most expensive supplements, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Supplementing on a Empty Stomach

This often makes people worry about just how much of their investment in supplements is actually being utilized by their body. After all, how can a fat-soluble vitamin even be absorbed at all without fat in their stomach?

When you take oil-soluble nutritional supplements during mealtime, they are competing along with the other nutrients contained in whole foods for absorption into the body. This is especially true for your oil-soluble nutrients, since they are absorbed in only one tiny spot in the small intestine.

Taking oil-soluble nutritional supplements before mealtime.

Now, there is a simple fat solution. Pure cacao, dark chocolate, bars are the perfect complement to your oil soluble supplements. Take your oil-soluble supplements by themselves, along with one tiny square of dark chocolate. This healthy chocolate melts in your mouth, contains 35% fat, and is easy on your digestion.

Cacao bars are the perfect fat solution for taking alongside Vitamin K2, MK-7 supplement capsules in powdered form.

Your most expensive supplements are best absorbed on a nearly empty stomach when taken an hour or two prior to breakfast.

In addition, cacao provides an excellent source of many other nutrients, such as magnesium.

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