Griffin trying to hawk his cancer conspiracy book is unconscionable. G. Edward Griffin, Conspiracy Theorist

G. Edward Griffin,
Conspiracy Theorist

Griffin is an 80-year-old author still trying to hawk all the conspiracy books that he has written over his lifetime.

Griffin as a Conspiracy Theorist

Born in 1931, Griffin has been a member of the radical John Birch Society for much of his life. Most of his conspiracy books are politically oriented, and revolve around money and banking, the Federal Reserve System, the United Nations, communism, the plot for a one world government, and secret societies like the Illuminaughty and the Masons. He is also a successful maker of similarly oriented conspiratorial films.


Griffin - Cancer Conspiracy Author & Film Maker

Back in 1974, he managed to publish one book on a health conspiracy entitled: World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17. While his book might have been plausible back in 1974, to be still hawking this nonsense in order to make a few bucks is unconscionable.

The audio presentation allegedly presented by Griffin at the recent Natural News Healing Summit was from the sound track of a video that was produced years ago, and is available on YouTube. Thus, whether the elderly Griffin actually requested this streaming event is unknown.


G. Edward Griffin

A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17

The Natural Health Perspective finds Griffin trying to hawk a cancer conspiracy book written back in 1974 for the sake of making money, unconscionable, even if only on his Web site. Somebody dying from cancer might actually believe his health claims about laetrile or vitamin B17. Having grown up during this period, as I recall, fraudulent Russian research on laetrile is largely to be blamed for a lot of the misinformation being circulated today on the so-called vitamin B-17.

If you have the ability to substitute vitamin D-3 for B-17 in both Griffin's book and video, then this conspiracy author might still have a point. While prevention is always better than cure, cancer suffers taking 50,000 IU of vitamin D-3 a day could conceivably put their cancer in a holding pattern according to the DINOMIT Model Of Cancer Development that could buy terminally ill patients more time, if not an out right cure, when taken along with conventional cancer treatment.

What is the point of criticizing the money and banking connection in conventional cancer treatments, if your proposed solution of laetrile, or vitamin B17, does NOT work, or has absolutely no credible proof that treatment with it is either safe or effective? Surely if there was anything behind it, there would have been at least a few supportive studies published by now. After all, vitamin D has seen an explosive growth in published studies during the same time period.


Cancer Cure?

Laetrile & Vitamin B-17

A number of people and Web sites are still claiming that laetrile or vitamin B17 is an effective cure for cancer. The problem, of course, is nobody dying from cancer has the luxury of wasting time experimenting with different treatments, looking for something that actually works. Furthermore, there is the issue of possible cyanide toxicity from taking laetrile.

Having checked out a few persons who allegedly claimed to have survived cancer thanks to laetrile or vitamin B17; it is NOT at all certain that the stuff was the sole active agent responsible for the alleged cure, since they always did a whole bunch of different things, like changed their diets.

On a more positive side, cancer sufferers who buy injectible laetrile or vitamin B17 off the Internet are supposed to experience a positive result in just 10 days. While pricey, the stuff is relatively affordable for most budgets. Ergo, if you are foolhardy enough to believe in what Griffin is saying about laetrile; go directly for the injectiables and don't waste your time trying to eat raw apricot pits.

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