Load-bearing exercise builds stong bones. Load-Bearing Exercise

Load-Bearing Exercise

Taking supplements for good bone health will only take you so far. Regularly engaging in a load-bearing exercise is necessary to build bones with the strongest bone mineral density possible.

Load-bearing exercise builds stong bones.

Supplementing with vitamins D, and K-2 as well as meeting your calcium needs from your diet and using an additional proactive osteoporosis supplement program is only part of the solution. Participating regularly in load-bearing exercise is necessary in order to achieve the strongest bone mineral density possible.

In other words, you must periodically put a heavy load on your bones that can be your own bodyweight; as in walking, jogging, or running; or by using external free weights and body building machines at a public gym.

That means as a minimum you should be regularly participating in a formal exercise program of walking ten minutes a day, seven days a week.

Beyond walking, you should perform body building exercises that stress your lower body, particularly your hip bone. Working on your lower body gives you a double-benefit of both strong bones and strong leg muscles that are necessary to ensure mobility, good balance, and a high quality of life throughout your retirement years.

Of course, your upper body would likewise benefit from routine exercise. You are simply able to recover better from a broken bone in your upper body, then you would be to recover from a broken hip in your lower body, as an elderly person.

Weight Training Osteoporosis | Leg Press Machine

Jumping jacks, deep knee bends, and squat thrusts are good types of callisthenic exercises that require no special equipment. Exercises that pound or shock your body on the ground, otherwise known as high-impact exercise are effective, but obviously should NOT be overdone in order to prevent permanent long term bone joint damage. These high-impact exercises are safe for younger people, while the elderly suffering with advanced osteoporosis should probably avoid them. Obese individuals, likewise, should avoid high-impact exercise.

Working out on an elliptical machine offers a very-low impact form of a load-bearing exercise. These rather expensive pieces of equipment are available for home use, as well as can be found in most modern gyms.

If you have access to modern gym equipment, compound exercises that work the lower body muscles like leg presses and calf-rises would be a good choice for a load-bearing exercise.

Other possibilities include participating in ballroom dancing, gymnastics, a group aerobics class, or a team sport like basketball, softball, volleyball, and touch football,

Swimming, water aerobics, and bicycling while good for heart health are NOT load-bearing exercises.

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