Doctor Saputo is a medical doctor who likes to talk about what good Health Care should be. Len Saputo, M.D.

Len Saputo, M.D.

Doctor is an open minded, mature, medical doctor who likes to talk about his vision of what good Health Care should be. Much of Saputo's presentation are targeted at health care professionals.

Let us not kid ourselves; all medical doctors on the Web are here because they are interested in developing an Internet income stream. This usually involves hawking their latest book, and selling their own line of vitamin supplements. Len Saputo is certainly into this, but manages to keep it very low key. Len spends the least amount of airtime of all the MDs that I have come across on the Web, hawking his money making schemes. Doctor Saputo always comes across on video as being more interested in being a healer serving people and in reaching other members of the health profession with his vision of good health care, than he is in making money.


Len Saputo -- Internet Radio Program

Len Saputo produces a weekly Internet Radio program called Prescriptions for Health. The show, and its archives are available from several different locations. They develop sound bites, and short videos, from the best of all the topics covered during each live broadcast, which are then filed on their informational Web site, as well as shared on Facebook. His most interesting videos feature an interaction between Doctor Saputo and his wife, Nurse Vicki.


Natural News Health Summit with Len Saputo


Len Saputo -- Web Site

Saputo had a grand design for this informational Web site of his, that took a software driven approach to delivering health information, where people would subscribed for a low monthly fee. While interesting, his scheme never quite caught on, so Saputo is now offering it to everyone for free. People with health issues are supposed to select what he calls a Wellness Coach. These coaches are supposed to be real people, such as his wife Nurse Vicki, but your interactions with them is probably more software driven, than anything else. Members are supposed to follow the suggested health program of their selected Wellness Coaches, take a bunch of online assessments, and track their health progress online, on their own private home page. Rather than write traditional text-based articles, everything on Saputo's site revolves around short audio and video files that are usually less than ten minutes in duration.

Saputo often talks about his online health assessments, but they appear to enable his site to collect anonymous statistics about people using his site. Having taken a few of them, I did NOT find them to be of any practical benefit to me personally.


Len Saputo -- Health Advice

All of Len Saputo's health advice pretty much agrees with the Natural Health Perspective wellness program. Len is a big advocate of the gut being the seat of the immune system, to which we are keeping an open mind. Nevertheless, from the Natural Health Perspective a leaky gut is more about digestive problems, food allergies, and even autoimmune problems then it is about the traditional role of natural immunity, or that of fighting off deadly communicable diseases.

People experiencing hard to solve health problems should take a closer look at the leaky gut syndrome. But, just as Len Saputo has recently stated even the test for leaky gut syndrome is not widely used or available. So, making health progress by working on your gut, is pretty much subject to the unpublished clinical experience of a handful of alternative health practitioners.

Perhaps in another ten years there will be more practical data on the microbiome and metagenome? However, as of now good published data on curing health problems by working on your gut, simply is not there.

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