You have complete control over your home gym. Mind-Body Home Gym

Mind-Body Home Gym

A home gym is a quiet place that you have complete control over. You do not have to buy a membership at a health club in order to perform mind-body exercises. Just set up a home gym, ahead of time. Make your home gym a quiet place where you will take exercising seriously.

Resilience provides an equilibrium of health

Your home gym requires a large room with at least an eight foot diameter circular area of free space per person, or where you can at least quickly free up this clear space. A cluttered workout area will always give you an excuse not to exercise. There should be no lights or any other objects hanging down from your ceiling. And, the room's ceiling should be at least 8 feet high.

Suggested Equipment for a Home Gym

  • Television and video player for viewing training videos.
  • A standard Yoga/Pilates sticky mat.
  • A hand size towel
  • Yoga strap, piece of rope, or large towel
  • Swiss Ball
  • Set of elastic exercise bands.
  • Pair of non-slip good gym shoes

While traditionally mind-body exercises are performed barefooted, if the objective is to prevent slipping and falling nothing does that better than non-slip gym shoes.

While quiet, calming, classical background music might help you to quiet your mind while exercising, you certainly do not want any loud rock-and-roll or pop music playing. It has nothing to do with taste in music, but in the definition of a mind-body exercise.

Nor, should you want to experience any interruptions doing your workout sessions from any source. Commercial gyms are anything, but quiet. Exercising in a quiet, interruption free zone, is a requirement for any mind-body exercise. So, being totally under your own control makes a home gym better than any bought membership at a noisy and chaotic health club.

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