A high protein drink immedately following exercise builds muscle. Protein Following Exercise Builds Muscle Mass

Protein Following Exercise Builds Muscle Mass

Whether you are young or old in your 70s, the consumption of a high protein drink immediately following exercise builds muscle mass; whereas, the consumption of protein without exercise does NOT.

What exactly are we talking about, here? We all steadily lose muscle mass as we age. This is precisely why most elderly look thin and very frail. We are NOT trying to win the Mr. Universe contest! Rather, I am talking about experiencing a high quality of life throughout your retirement years. That means that everyone should be taking action now, and forever, by consistently working on building muscle mass throughout their entire body. At the very minimum, maintaining adequate muscle mass in your legs is critical to your very survival. Lose enough muscle in your legs, and you wont be able to walk without a walker as an elderly person. Lose your ability to walk, and you will lose your independence and quality of life during your retirement years, guaranteed.

Shake Up Your High Protein Drink

In this study two groups of men were tested. The younger men had an average age of 21. The older group had an average age of 74. Both groups who drank a drink containing 20 grams of protein immediately after exercise were shown to have increased their muscle mass a mere six hours later. However, both groups failed to increase their muscle mass by the mere consumption of protein without exercise.

When it comes to drinking a high protein drink, simple is best. Forget about using a kitchen blender. They are inconvenient because they take too long to clean up afterwards. All that is required is a 16 ounce plastic cup with a screw on lid. Simply fill the shaker three quarters of the way up with tap water, and add one scoop of any protein powder. Screw on the top, and shake vigorously. Then drink your entire high protein shake down. Finally, rinse the plastic shaker cup and lid clean with your kitchen faucet, and air dry.

Jack LaLanne was a big fan of drinking a high protein shake first thing each morning in order to stabilize his blood sugar. Jack, also, was known to exercise for two hours each morning.

I would suggest that you keep on switching brands of protein powders in order to minimize any possible negatives of each mix. In addition, you should avoid going overboard with high protein drinks. Always be sure to eat a healthy diet, everyday of your life.

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Protein Following Exercise Builds Muscle Mass Comments:


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