Music can be used for relieving stress Music: A Quick & Easy Stress Reliever.

Music: A Quick & Easy Stress Reliever

Playing music that you enjoy is an easy and quick way to the relieve stress of living a modern life and will help to improve your resilience. Music invokes an emotional response in you subconsciously. Thus, playing the right music can be used to invoke desirable emotions, or can be used to lift your mood out of the dumps on your command, as part of the mind-body connection.

What is music? One man's music is another man's noise and irritation. All kinds of music are available for listening from rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, country and western, pop, rock'n roll, jazz, all the way to classical. A lot of the stuff is hardly appropriate or suitable for soothing ones nerves. All you have to do listen to a wide variety of music, and develop a list of all the songs that you enjoy hearing, or can at least tolerate. From that list, you can then take notes on what emotions each of these songs manages to invoke in you.

One health research study did make an analysis of all the previously published research studies in the literature that had been previously conducted that studied the calming effect and other positive health benefits playing music had on people. This study found that: "Music listening may have a beneficial effect on heart rate, respiratory rate, and anxiety."

Relaxing with Music

Playing appropriate music is a safe and economical stress lowering mind-body connection intervention without any negative side effects that is available to everyone for stress relief.

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