Do not eat while on the computer for greater weight loss. Computers and Eating Do NOT Mix

Computers and Eating Do NOT Mix

Here is a practical tip for anybody on a diet trying to lose weight. Do NOT eat while you are on the computer. In fact new research suggests that you should NOT eat while multi-tasking, or doing anything else, for that matter, if you are dieting or otherwise trying to lose excess body weight.

The study's participants who ate lunch while playing a game on the computer were found to be less satisfied after lunch, and ate significantly more food just 30 minutes later, to those who had no distractions while eating.

It is theorized that any type of a distraction while eating food, such as watching television, interferes with your short-term memory of what you just ate. As you have trouble remembering what you have already eaten, you are thus more likely to feel hungrier a short time later. And, will more likely end up eating more food.

These findings could conceivably apply to any type of a distraction during mealtime, such as talking to people, paying bills, or reading a newspaper. When at home you should try eating all your meals in the kitchen. At work, try eating either out or in the lunchroom. Furthermore, focusing more on what you are eating on a calorie restricted diet, while eating, could conceivably lead to a greater feeling of fullness, and satisfaction.

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Computers and Eating Do NOT Mix Comments:


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