Donating blood increases your longevity Increased Longevity with Blood Donation

Increase Longevity with Blood Donation

There is a generally accepted theory that says oxidation is bad for your health. Thus, anything that promotes oxidation in your body would logically be bad for you.

Donating blood increases your longevity

Your body contains two required nutrients, iron and copper, which promote oxidation. Iron when exposed to oxygen will rust. Something similar happens to the pro-oxidant iron inside your body. Pro-oxidants are chemicals that induce oxidative stress.

Hence, an extremely easy way to increase your longevity is to prevent iron overload, as we all age. Iron enters your body naturally by way of your diet with meat being one of the most important sources. A lot of people are confused, and take iron supplements thinking that it will give them energy. Peopling seeking to be energized should be supplementing with vitamin D and astaxanthin.

Periodically, donating blood is an easy sure fired way to prevent iron overload in both men and postmenopausal women.

Not only is donating blood a good humanitarian gesture, but this form of blood letting is actually good for your health. In most localities, any adult can walk into a blood donation center off the street and donate blood without an appointment. However, you should be sure to eat a big meal a couple of hours before donating blood.

A health professional will also check your blood pressure, pulse, and iron levels through a Hemoglobin test, free of charge.


What to Do After Donating Blood

Normal Iron Levels as Measured with Hemoglobin Values

  • Men: 14-18 gm/dl
  • Women: 12-16 gm/dl

What you are trying to do is move your Hemoglobin level from the upper end of the normal range, towards the lower end. There is nothing to worry about. If your iron levels are too low, then you will be prevented from donating blood.

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